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I truly hope the books on this DVD answer most of your questions about mortal life here on this world and in the spirit realm, hereafter in the eternal. They contain vital information known to very few. I’ve also included some musical arrangements and music videos. It’s been 10 years in the making. May you be awakened by what's revealed.

May Peace, Love, Liberty, and the Higher Inspiration
light your path through Time’s Eternity,



How to use this DVD.


The music on this disk was created, performed and mastered solely on my own. The stereo music is in chronological order. SET 1 is the oldest, then SET 2, and, SET 3, the newest. The 5.1 wave files and the DTS were the last to be created.
Double click the ‘Music’ folder on this DVD. Select and double click Set 1, 2, 3, 5.1 Wave Files or DTS. The music wave icons will appear. Double click on the icon of your choice. This should activate or boot up the default music player in your computer and the music will begin.
If for some reason the default music player does not pull up, you will have to copy the music icons into a folder in your computer; boot up your music player, browse to that folder, open it, and double click the icon of your choice.
The music on the Cosmic Pathway DVD (Set 1,2 and 3) is formatted in 16 bit 44.1 khz stereo which is the same as a standard music CD. They can be burned to any blank standard CD for personal use. Inside the stereo folder (in Set 1,2, or 3) is an extra folder that contains that set's music in MP3 format.
This DVD, also contains 2 sets of music in 5.1 surround sound. One is in wave file format for computers that contain 5.1 sound cards and 5.1 speaker systems.
The other set is formatted in DTS, 5.1 surround sound for Home Theater Systems. DTS is much the same as Dolby Digital, except DTS is a better format for just music. Its slightly clearer and contains more dynamics. Since they are in a DTS file format, they must be burned to a standard CD, using a standard CD burner and then used in the Home Theatre System .
DTS music CDs will not play in standard CD players or computers. They will though, play on some computers that contain the proper decoders and media players that contain 5.1 sound cards and speaker systems.
I've included one decoder on the computer DVD. The decoders,which are called AC-3 filters, can be downloaded free of charge on the internet. One site is ... may change in a heartbeat though. You know how the internet is. Just look around if this one is gone.
After installing the decoder, open media player, go to Now Playing, to More Options, then to DVD, to Advanced; on the first page, very top left, change stereo to 3/2+SW 5.1 channels. Everything else is basically set.

Note: The music on this site is formatted in lower quality mp3 which uses less space. All music on the DVD is a high quality format.


The 2 videos on this disc are in flash or .flv and MP4 formats. You need a computer flash flv. player to watch them, which I've included. It's freeware. The flv. format is to watch the videos on your computer while the MP4 format is for IPods, IPhones, PSP players and other mobile devices.
Etherean Voyage is around 50 minutes in duration and Cosmic Sailor a little more than 10. The videos were made from NASA and Hubble Telescope pictures/videos for the background and the music is from the 'Music' folder on this disc.


All books on this disk are in the public domain, except for the one's I wrote. I had to rearrange the type and pictures, other than that, nothing has been changed. They are the original texts in this digital format.
All books on this DVD are in PDF format. You have to have a PDF reader to open the books. Most computers contain an Adobe 6.0 or later PDF reader in their basic software program. If for some reason you don’t have one, I’ve included the Adobe 9.0 Reader for Windows. 
To install an Adobe Reader in your system, double click on the Adobe Reader 9 icon and follow the instructions.
The Adobe reader was chosen because it will read the book to you. (Its under ‘View’ in the Adobe browser.)
From this link you can download new and previous versions of all Adobe readers.

To open a PDF book, click on the Library folder in this DVD, choose the book of your choice and double click it - or - right click and ‘Open‘. For more book selections click the ‘Next - This Way’ folder.

* If for some reason the books don’t open, copy the book/s to a folder in your computer. Open the Adobe Reader in your programs file, go to ‘File’ in the Adobe Browser, click on ‘Open’ and browse to the folder where you put the book/s. Choose the book you want to read and click on it and then ‘Open‘.


You can double click on one of the music icons (or 'play all' in the left task section), when the music starts, you can minimize the media player, go back to the DVD, go to the library, pick a book, double click on it and read while listening to the music.

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