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A Creation of Selected Works in Spiritually Enlightened and
Educational Books in Amazon Kindle Format with Music in MP3 Format.


___Everyone in some point of their life wonders about the reason and being of life, especially what the afterlife is or if there is one at all. This book collection will give you an insight into that reality. The 10 book selection below will give you a look into the unseen side of life on earth, life in the spirit realm, the different forces at work in the spirit world, what to expect and what is seen when passing over, the realms of heaven and hell and life beyond our planet’s influence into the etherean heavens of eternal life.
___The books, some out of print and hard to find, were written in the 1800‘s and at the turn of the century. They’re treasures to have, yet be advised, once you read them, you will never see life again in the same way. They are truly an Education for the Spiritual Life and a comprehensive guide to aid and assist you in your understanding, development and ascension into the eternal and infinite beyond.
___The unique music background, Cosmic Pathway is a part of the Poet's Journey. The music can be loaded into your Kindle and listened to while reading. It consists of 20 finely sculpted instrumentals in 16 bit, 44.1 khz, 320 kps, MP3 format. All the music is performed in a mixture of select orchestra sections, various celestial choir arrangements and elaborately modeled electric guitar. The overall dynamics have been arranged with various multiple effects, including an ethereal presentation of cosmic overtones to inspire and give you a break from the everyday selection of music. Experience the book and the music together as it was meant to be.

Release yourself and trek the Cosmic Pathway which begins within each
and everyone of us and continues on into the endless forever.
Enjoy the Journey!


The books in this selection are:
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Contains The 9 Individual Books Below.




The Music